Pet Watch, Inc. - Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and House Sitting

Many of our clients work outside of the home or have otherwise busy schedules. We are available to visit your dogs as often as needed during the day. It is very important and beneficial for your dog to have regular exercise. A fenced in yard is not enough to fulfill all of your dog’s needs. Like people, dogs require daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy in body and mind. Fresh air and exercise do a doggie good!

On our private dog walks, we provide one-on-one leash walking sessions in the areas of your preference, usually within your neighborhood. We understand that every dog has different needs, so the duration of the walk, the distance, and the pace of our exercise will vary to suit each of our clients. After our walk we change your animals’ water, give them treats (if permitted), love, and a good bye kiss!

Pet Watch, Inc. - Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and House SittingDaily Dog Walking Pricing:
$25.00 – 30-minute visit
$35.00 – 45-minute visit
$45.00 – 1-hour visit

$25 surcharge added to visits for last minute visits (scheduled less than 24 hours before the visit).

Read more about your local dog walker here.

Dog walking is the most common form of exercise for your dog – and in fact, both you and your pup can benefit from this great activity. Without proper exercise, your dog may become irritable or frustrated, and resort to destructive behaviors to relieve stress and pent up energy.

With most people working away from home, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to walk your dog as much as he may want. In this case, there are many benefits to hiring a dog walker. By hiring a dog walker to be there when you cannot, you can ensure that your dog will get the proper exercise he or she needs in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. Additionally, dog walking can help your dog to be properly socialized with other people, environments, and animals. Dog walkers will also reinforce your dog’s established obedience training as well as support house-breaking habits.

In addition to being healthy for your dog, hiring a dog walker can make things much easier for you as well: you will no longer have to stress about having a busy schedule and can relax with your pup when you come home from work. Furthermore: a dog receiving the proper amount of exercise is much less likely to misbehave.