Q. How do I make a reservation?

A. Your reservation may be made on our Reservation page, or you may call into our office. When online you just fill in the information requested, and our office staff will contact you shortly thereafter to confirm the reservation.

Q. What are the forms for?

A. The forms are important because they provides us with all of the information we will need to have in order to properly care for your babies. Upon completion of all the forms, we can securely store your pet emergency information, veterinarian information, your contact information, and any information we need to know about your pets needs. The forms also has a contract to protect you and us in case of an emergency or accident. The forms can be accessed here.

Q. How do I go about payment?

A. Pet Watch, Inc. is a prepaid service. You can bring it to the office or mail in a check to our P.O. Box 3324, Cumming, GA 30028. If we don’t have a payment before you leave then we will assume you want us to charge your credit card on file.

Q. What kind of services do you offer?

A. Pet Watch, Inc. offers daily dog walking for the busy dog owner, We offer a variety of options for pet owners who have to leave their babies behind when they go on a trip. We are happy to visit your pets in their home. Our daily dog walking and pet sitting visit costs are available at our Rates and Pricing page. We also offer overnight pet sitting & house sitting services. We offer pet sitting services 7 days a week as well as Holidays. Additionally, we can work out a custom option for you if you would like longer visits.

Q. Can I work out a custom plan to suit my pets needs?

A. Of course! We are willing to work with you to figure out a visitation plan. We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away.

Q. Do you also care for small animals?

A. Yes. Our pet sitters are comfortable with working with animals of all different types. Many of our pet sitters have experience with pets outside of cats and dogs and would love to care for your small rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, or any other small pets within your family.

Q. Do you also care for large animals such as horses?

A. Yes. Some of our pet sitters have a background full of horse care and would be happy to assist you.

Q. Are there any additional fees?

A. Yes. We charge $25.00 for visits made last minute (within 24 hours before pet sitter needs to arrive). We also charge a $12.00 Holiday Fee for select holidays. Please see our Rates and Pricing for a full list, or contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Q. Is it really safe to allow someone in my home while I’m away?

A. Yes. All of our pet sitters go through background checks before they are hired. Additionally, our pet sitters can provide you with many great references from happy clients.

Q. Should I make a copy of my key for the pet sitter?

A. Yes. We require two keys – one for the office and one for the pet sitter. When we have a copy of your key, we can come by any time that you will need us to in the future after your initial pet sit. We have a system to keep keys anonymous and safe when they are not in use. We will never enter your home unless you ask us to.

Q. I don’t want my pet sitter to hold onto my key. Can they drop it off to me when I get home?

A. The sitter will bring the key to the office, and you can pick it up from there. We do not mail keys! If the sitter drops off keys then we charge a $25.00 Key Drop Fee.

Have more questions? Please give the office a call or text during business hours or inquire on the contact page.